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Documents Required For Passport At PSK


In order to travel abroad, an Indian Passport is necessary. This is an important prerequisite. This passport is a legal document which is essential to have in case one is planning to travel outside his or her country and coming back. Visa Division and Consular Passport issues this passport along with the Government of India. The division related to Visa and Consular Passport comes under External Affairs Ministry, Government of India. Consular Passport and Visa division or CPV is the central or main organisation in India. The main function of this passport is to prove a national’s Indian Nationality when he goes out of the country. The passport entails a wide array of details like name of the passport holder, address, birth date and gender. There is a limited validity of this instrument and before the expiry date comes, it needs to be renewed.  For international travel, Indian citizens are issued a regular passport. Diplomats, on the other hand are issued a Diplomatic passport. The same passport is also issued to government officials with high profiles.

If a new passport needs to be made, it can be done at passport seva Kendra. A policy has been formulated regarding new passport. An application form needs to be filled and it has to be submitted at any local passport office. Police station closest to the applicant’s residence carries out verification at full scale so as to check his or her identity. After identity has been checked and references are cross checked, the process of passport issuance reaches next stage. Police department’s any high official needs to sign on the identification or verification letter that is than sent for further processing to the regional passport office. The process takes a little time and the applicant needs to appear at the regional passport office personally. Since a lot of time is taken in this process, if a person is in a hurry, he or she can apply for a new passport under Tatkal Scheme. Since under this scheme, passport can be made at a faster pace, a high fee is charged for the save.

On the Passport cover, an Indian Emblem with Asian Lions is printed. Indian passport is deep blue in colour and there are thirty six pages in the passport. Application for a passport is given for several reasons, for example, applying for a new passport, reissuance of a passport, in case of a lost passport, applying for a new passport and many other reasons. At passport seva portal, information is available regarding the process of applying for a passport. The form can be downloaded from the portal and using a printer, its printout can be taken out. For further formalities, this form needs to be registered at local Regional Passport office closest to where the applicant resides. Using an online platform, the status of the passport application can be checked. Documents that need to be attached along with the application form are age proof documents, address proof, attested photographs and other related documents. A Pan Card or a driving license can also suffice for a photo identity card.

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